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How can I purchase tickets?

We encourage you to book your tickets online. The process is very simple, taking less than two minutes. You can also order tickets by email or telephone. Please refer to the Contact page of our website.


How do I know whether the tickets I want are still available?

If a certain ticket category is available, you will be able to choose your desired quantity and add it to your Basket. A « sold out »  message appears for tickets that are no longer available.


 How can I find out the characteristics of a grandstand/tribune/loge?

You can do this by clicking on « details » next to the stand name. On top of that, the circuit/stadium map on the  top right of the page offers you an overview  of the stand locations. Click on the map to zoom in/out.


Can I request a special seat?

Selecting specific seats online is not possible. However, you can send us your request/preference when ordering tickets and we will do our best to satisfy your demand.


Can I cancel my ticket order?

After you have confirmed your order online, we cannot accept cancellations. Contact our Customer Care department for cancellation policies.


 Can I add tickets to my order after the booking has been processed?

We recommend you place a new order if you wish to book more tickets after your original booking has been processed. Should you wish the two orders to be sitting together, please contact our Customer Care department and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Can I modify my order?

Orders are not generally changeable. However, if you have a request please contact our Customer Care department  by email or telephone.




What is a Basket?

The Basket, on the upperright-hand side of the « Tickets » page, is used for storing the tickets you reserve before proceeding to the Checkout. After adding tickets to your Basket, you can easily remove them or change the desired number.


How can I add tickets to my Basket?

Find the tickets you want, enter the desired number into the Qty field or choose the amount with the +/- buttons, and then click the Buy button.


How can I change the number of tickets in my Basket?

Click the button entitled « Basket »  located on the upper right-hand side of the page. The content of your Basket will appear. Use the +/- buttons to change the ticket quantity.


How can I remove items from my Basket?

In the Basket area in the upper right-hand side of the page, click on the red cross next to the item you want to remove.




What method of shipment is used?

Tickets are sent by DHL for all events. For some events, you may also opt for « pick up ». This means that you will simply have to collect them directly at the event.


When will my tickets be delivered?

Generally tickets are delivered by DHL approximately 3-4 weeks before the event. 


Can I provide a different delivery address?

Yes.If you need your tickets delivered to an address other than the invoice address, please send us an email with details.


Does someone need to be present when DHL delivers?

Yes. DHL deliver tickets during the daytime, so please be sure to provide a delivery address where you or a trusted party can sign for the tickets during the day.

What is the delivery charge?

The cost is based on your delivery address. The amount is automatically calculated when you enter your country on the Checkout page.




How can I pick up my tickets?

To collect your tickets at the event, you need to print your e-Voucher from your account - available right after booking - and present it to our pick-up team with your ID or passport. Details of the pick-up address and opening hours are printed on the Voucher.


Can another person collect the tickets on my behalf?

Yes - email the name of the person to our Customer Care department, who will forward it to our pick-up team. The person will have to present the e-Voucher and his/her own ID. If you would like to change the name on your Voucher as well, you will have to log into your account, and change it in your personal information.




What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payment and bank transfers. To pay via bank transfer, please contact us by email with your precise order request (be sure to include your full contact details and invoicing address) to receive an invoice.


How safe is the payment using my credit card?

Our payment platform is fully secured. An "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer) connection exists between your browser and the server. This means that data is transferred only after being encrypted and thus cannot be abused by third parties. Your personal data is only used to carry out your order.

Our server guarantees the highest possible level of encryption currently available.

Should you prefer not to transfer your data over the Internet despite our high security standards, we would be happy to accept your credit card information by telephone or email.


When will my credit card account be debited?

As soon as your order has been confirmed, your credit card account will be debited with the amount due as per your booking.


When must the bank transfer be paid?

Once you have successfully placed your order by email or telephone, an invoice will be emailed to you as a pdf file. The invoice states the date the payment is due.


Why do you sometimes charge handling fees?

A handling fee may be applied depending on the  event chosen. Thus, in order to cover our costs and to be able to offer you optimum service, we need to apply a small percentage to the ticket price.

Why is there a difference between the online value of the ticket and what I paid for it?

We provide various currencies for your information in the Ticket-Store. However, the currency in which you are debited may vary.


Information on what currency your order will be processed in appears on the payment page of the Ticket-Store.


My payment was refused, what should I do?

Please use one of the following options to finalize your order:

- Try again, perhaps with another credit card.

- Try again, choosing another payment method (eg bank transfer)

- Fill out and return a credit card authorization form (available on request from  our Customer Care department)

- Contact our Customer Care department


My order is in security check, what does it mean?

This means that our credit card security system has detected an irregularity with your order. You simply need to supply our security department with the requested information. Thhis check is to protect you from fraudulent credit card use.


How can I pay by bank transfer?

You will need to contact our Customer Care department by email or telephone and ask for an invoice to be sent to you by email. Before contacting Customer Care, we kindly ask that you create an account on our website. In order to prepare your invoice, Customer Care will need to have the following information:



-Day of the tickets

-Amount of tickets

-Category of tickets


Orders will be confirmed as soon as payment has been received and confirmed.


If the above information does not answer your question(s), please contact us at customercare@formula1.com