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Unique views. Exclusive hospitality.

There's no better vantage point on the race than the Paddock Club. And in the stylish 1 OAK lounge, you're surrounded by the ultimate in hospitality: Open bar with champagne, gourmet dining and fine wines, exclusive cocktail bar & exclusive concierge service.


No one gets closer

1 OAK at F1 Paddock Club gets you closer to the action than anyone except the teams themselves. Hear the roar. Smell the oil. Meet your motorsport heroes. Plus, with 1 OAK, you'll join a glamorous party crowd including A-list celebrities. Who knows who might show up?

Behind the scenes Meet your F1 heroes All-star party

Behind the scenes

Take a walk on the pit lane, and see the team garages and cars close up. 

Tour the track on an F1 flat-bed truck.

Visit the F1 Paddock itself – where only the teams and press can go.

It’s the chance of a lifetime to discover the Formula 1 backstage. 


Meet your F1 heroes

How does it feel to be behind the wheel? What does it take to be in pole? What makes a hero? 


Hear unique personal insights from the drivers themselves at the exclusive Paddock Club talks. 


All-star party

Partying is a serious business at the 1 OAK F1 Paddock Club™ Suite.

- Private section for your guests (up to 12 people)

- VIP access to the 1 OAK F1 party

- Daily appearances by special guests

- Party with the A-list