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20 - 22 Sep


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Grandstand Description & information

The Stamford Grandstand boasts several excellent vantage points, which include views of the cars negotiating Turns 7 and 8 and from certain seats, Turn 14. The cars brake from nearly 300km/h as they exit the DRS activation zone and approach the Memorial (Turn 7) at 110km/h for the third gear left-hander onto Nicoll Highway. At the other end of the grandstand, spectators will be able to enjoy views of the cars tackling Turn 8. A videowall is opposite the stand.

A ticket for Stamford Grandstand provides access to Zone 4.

This grandstand includes numbered seating and views of a large television screen, so you can keep up with all the action around the circuit. 

Situated a short walk from Gate 3A & 3B, this is an easy grandstand to access, with plenty of facilities such as restrooms and cafes nearby. 

*Please see map for exact location.

Other Singapore Grandstands

General Admission

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Turn 1

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Turn 2

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