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11 - 13 Oct


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Grandstand Description & information

Grandstand Q sits between the Suzuka Circuit’s last two turns. Seats here provide unparalleled views of the final moments of the Grand Prix. It is one of the most important and crucial overtaking points, so you will enjoy the cars snake through the last turns and storm down the main straight.

*Tickets only give access to ONE of the mentioned zones above and are distributed according to availability.

Grandstand Q includes numbered seating and views of a large television screen, so you can keep up with all the action around the circuit.

Situated a short walk from the main exits and entrances, these are easy grandstands to access, with plenty of facilities such as restrooms and cafes nearby.

Other Japan Grandstands

Friday Access

Roaming access to all seats except for those located in Grandstand V1 and V2.
From 19,16 €

Grandstand V1

Seats here offer fantastic views of the start/finish line and of the Main Straight.
From 615,96 €

Grandstand V2

Situated in the upper parts of the Main Grandstand, these partially covered seats offer fantastic views of the start/finish line
From 714,63 €

Stand A2

Running along the main straight, and overlooking the main pit lane exit, Grandstand A1 offers one of the best views in the house.
From 507,73 €

Stand A1

Grandstand A1 runs along the exciting Main Straight overlooking the pit lane exit.
From 409,06 €

Stand B2

Grandstand B embraces the circuit’s first turn. Seats in B2 offer great views of the Main Straight and the circuit’s first two turns.
From 519,24 €

Stand B1

Situated in the lower parts of the B Grandstand, these seats allow you to get up close to the cars speeding past.
From 429,18 €

Stand C

Sitting between the U-turn and Turn 3, Grandstand C offers a view on both bends.
From 280,68 €

Stand D

Located at the end of the “S curves” of the Suzuka circuit, Grandstand D embraces the track perfectly, giving you the best overlooking...
From 369,76 €

Stands G-J-L-M-N-O

These stands or grass areas are all situated in the west half of the circuit around the exciting Spoon corner and Degner curve, allowing views of ...
From 86,22 €

Stand E

This stand is located at the end of the “S curves”, in front of the Dunlop corner.
From 291,23 €

Stand Q1

Grandstand Q sits between the Suzuka Circuit’s last two turns.
From 291,23 €

Stand R

Grandstand R sits opposite the Suzuka circuit’s ultimate turn.
From 438,77 €

Stand I

You will see the cars arriving from a pretty long straight and drive under the “bridge”, take the right curve after it and then the ha...
From 349,67 €
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