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15 - 17 Nov


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Grandstand Description & information

The covered Grandstand ‘R’ is situated in the beginning of the Back Straight - the greatest acceleration point of the circuit - and affords excellent visibility of the famous Senna’s ‘S’ corner and the exit of the pit lane. This is also a spot where probable overtaking opportunities can be witnessed. Enjoy the entire track action from the giant TV screen by this grandstand as well.

Important: children under 5 are not allowed to enter the Circuit. For all children over 5 years old, a guardian must show the child’s ID card and a signed “statement of responsibility” at the entrance.

The Grandstand R includes numbered seating and views of a large television screen, so you can keep up with all the action around the circuit.

Situated close to the Avenida Jacinto Júlio entrance, this is an easy grandstand to access, with plenty of facilities such as restrooms and cafes nearby.

*Please see map for exact location.

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