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25 - 27 Jun


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Grandstand Description & information

The L, M and N sections sit at the northern end of this massive grandstand. With distant but good views of Turn 1, fans here will particularly appreciate the cars storming down the straight. These sections are ideal for speed demons. Depending on your row in the stand, you may also enjoy sights of Turns 5 and 6.

The Red Bull Grandstand is the largest stand of the circuit and will probably host some of Formula 1’s most passionate and enthusiastic fans. Located just after Turn 1 and facing the track’s longest straight, the stand is divided into a total of 6 sections and offers a truly unique perspective on the race no matter the seat you’re in.

Child Tickets 

Child tickets are valid for ages 0 – 14 (included.)

The Red Bull L,M,N Grandstand includes numbered seating and views of a large television screen, so you can keep up with all the action around the circuit.

Situated close to the main exits and entrances, this is an easy grandstand to access, with plenty of facilities such as restrooms and cafes nearby.

Other Styria Grandstands

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Located on the start/finish line, this is an excellent grandstand to get stunning views of both the pit lane and the checkered flag.
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This is an exciting area to see some of the best action, as the T10 Grandstand is located along Turn 9 &10.
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