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01 - 03 Nov


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Grandstand Description & information

This grandstand overlooks the stadium section that replicates Hockenheim’s Arena. From here you will have a great overview of the action which stretches all the way across to the overtaking spot at the end of the back straight, Turn 12.

The grandstand also includes views of 5 exciting and action packed turns as the track meanders its way through the stadium section to Turn 16, where crowd noise rivals that of the engines.

This section of track incorporates some elevation changes, so higher seats offer a better view of the racing, which you will have with a top-section ticket.

This grandstand includes numbered seating and views of a large television screen, so you can keep up with all the action around the circuit. The seating is comfortable; chairs with backrest.

*Please note these tickets include access to the upper part of the grandstand.

Situated a short walk from the ‘B,C,D parking lot, located within F1 Fan Zone, this is an easy grandstand to access, with plenty of facilities such as restrooms and cafes nearby.

*Please see map for exact location.

Other United States Grandstands

Main Grandstand

Situated on the main start/finish line tickets are located just below the club section, right in the central rows of the grandstand.
From 159,25 €

Turn 12

Located in the upper part of Turn 12 Grandstand, you’ll witness stunning views over one of the hardest breaking zones of the circuit.
From 105,87 €

Turn 9

The thrilling Turn 9 grandstand is located in one of the circuit’s most exciting areas, offering panoramic views from Turn 6 to 11.
From 69,40 €

Turn 4

Seats in the Turn 4 Grandstand provide clear views of the run down towards Turn 3, before the field weaves its way through Turns 4 and 5.
From 69,40 €

Turn 1

One of the best views of the circuit, Turn 1 is placed on the crest of a hill.
From 604,07 €

General Admission

A General Admssion Ticket lets you access the standing and grass areas around COTA. 
From 123,66 €

Car Park F

From 132,56 €

Car Park L

From 105,87 €
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