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Podium Club (3 Days)

This pass gives you Podium Club access for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

1829.64 €
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- 1 +
Price 1829.64 €
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Podium Club

As a guest in the Podium Club, you will enjoy excellent service at an optimal location; the Podium Club facilities are located in the center of the Podium suites complex, on the inside of the circuit and close to the starting line. From this vantage point, you will experience views of the start/finish line, the prestigious podium ceremony and the activity around the pit exit. 

What's Included Reservation Details

What's Included

- Table seating in the dining room
- One transferable pass each day (possibility of 3 individuals over 3 days)
- Meals and beverages (including a selection of beer and wine)
- Shuttle service to and from the Montreal Casino
- TV-screens broadcasting live action on the track
- One copy of the official program


Reservation Details

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