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Legend has it that Paddock Club is where some of the business world’s greatest partnerships, deals and agreements have taken place. Perhaps there’s something in the air. Or the champagne. Or perhaps it’s the luxury of three days of hospitality in a spectacular location with the most spectacular racing event happening all around you. Bring your clients, partners, colleagues or prospects and find out for yourself.


Legends don't just happen

We obsess over every detail to ensure the perfect conditions at every circuit for you to write your business legend. Like world-class hospitality with a local twist. Gut-gripping experiences available only to F1. A laid back atmopshere in the centre of the world's fastest sport. And with the whole Grand Prix weekend to enjoy, you and your clients even have the luxury of time. This is no normal corporate hospitality event. This is Paddock Club. This is the place of legends.


Your F1 Experience

No other sports hospitality event has the luxury of a whole weekend like Paddock Club, so there's more than enough time to enjoy all the F1 experiences.

Watch the race Exclusive Experiences The Atmosphere


Paddock Club is unique. On one side you can look down into the Paddock where drivers, celebrities and F1 legends walk. On the other, you look down onto the pit lane and the starting grid. You can feel the heat and the grit of the world's greatest racing event all around you. 


You don't have to stay up in the Paddock Club all weekend. You'll also get to walk along the pit lane as teams and drivers make final adjustments to the cars. Or practice a tyre change. Take a lap of the track with a truck tour to see what the drivers see. And F1 legends are always around to rub shoulders with.


Although F1 is one of the motorsport world's oldest and most classic races, it feels relaxed and informal. Making it the ideal place to build new relationships and forge new ideas.

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