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Enjoy the ultimate spectacle from the best seats in the house. The Paddock Club™ is about more than just exquisite dining, beautiful spaces and delightful service. The real prize is the incredible access you get to the heart of F1®. No one except the teams themselves gets closer to the loud, bright heart of it all than the guests of the Paddock Club™. Welcome to a hospitality experience like no other.


Luxury at the heart of the action

In the Paddock Club™, you have a uniquely privileged vantage point above the team garages, with a clear view directly over the start and finish line and into the pit lane. The only difference is in Monaco, where the Paddock Club is located on the celebrated Rascasse Corner, with stunning views over the track.


Simply the best of the best

You’re in the thick of the Grand Prix from the moment you arrive, with dedicated access and reserved parking. We fly the same trusted team of world-class chefs and hospitality staff to every Paddock Club™ location, so you can be sure of the finest food, wine and service, wherever you are. You can buy passes for one day (Friday), two days (Saturday and Sunday), or for the entire weekend. Welcome to an experience like no other.

Unbeatable Location Exceptional service Part of the action

At the heart of action

At the heart of action

Be surrounded by Paddock Club™ glamour and F1 action and get the best views at each GP.

Get on track

We invite you to a guided lap on a drivers' parade truck during the Grand Prix.

Premium open bar

Premium open bar

All-day open bar with Champagne, fine wines, cocktails, and everything else you desire.

Epicurean global cuisine

All-day refreshments and gourmet meals made by world-class chefs.

Part of the action

Live with the teams
Exclusive behind-the-scenes entertainment and driver appearances each day. 

Mechanics up-close
Visit the F1 Paddock, get exclusive access to the pit lane and to the Support Race Paddock.