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Marsa Suites (2 Days)
Catering Open Bar In-suite entertainment

This pass gives you Marsa Suites access for Saturday & Sunday.

1736.59 €
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Price 1736.59 €
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Marsa Suites

Experience the best of Yas Marina as a hospitality guest in the Marsa Suites; you will not only have incredible views of the Marina and the Support Pits from the first floor of the Marina Grandstand, but will enjoy outstanding services and top-class catering in a highly luxurious environment. These shared suites also feature a dedicated balcony area where you can enjoy the races from – it’s the Ideal place for entertaining valued corporate clients or for enjoying the Grand Prix with family and friends. All the following services are included in a two-day Marsa Suites hospitality ticket:

What's Included Reservation details

What's Included

Please see individual pass description above for full details. 


Reservation details

Please see individual pass description above for full details. 

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