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Orange Tree Club

At the challenging “Orange Tree” corner of the circuit, this facility offers a comfortable viewing area and lounge areas where hot and cold sandwiches, fruit, sweets, soft drinks and beer are served at no additional cost. You will be able to enjoy one of the circuit's most challenging sections from this vantage point: a right-hand curve with cars approaching at full speed over the slightly uphill section.

What's Included Reservation Details

What's Included

  • Buffet serving hot and cold sandwiches, fruit and sweets every day
  • Open bar with soft drinks and beer from 11am
  • Friday and Saturday pit lane visit as designated times
  • Three-day admission with separate tickets for each day
  • Trained staff and security

Reservation Details

Important: children under 5 are not allowed to enter the Circuit. For all children over 5 years old, a guardian must show the child’s ID card and a signed "statement of responsibility" at the entrance.

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